Put your customers at the heart of your brand with a considered digital marketing strategy and tailored content.

Whether you need extra capacity from time to time to deliver marketing projects or dream of having your marketing “done for you”, we can devise the perfect solution for your business.

As your outsourced marketing department, we get to know your company from the inside out. Based on that in-depth understanding of what your customer needs to know in order to do business with you, we create an audience-centred approach.

Combining expertise in all things digital marketing, we help you build trust with your customers – the most crucial element to establishing long-term, profitable relationships.

Marketing Services

Marketing Diagnostic Session

Do you know where your leads come from, what your conversion rate is and how to attract more of your ideal customers?

No? You’ll be glad to hear you’re not alone.

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Marketing Direction & Project Management

Put purpose behind your marketing strategy with our Marketing Direction and Project Management service. By investing in an external perspective paired with years of experience, you’ll be able to gain a fresh insight into how to get the most from your marketing.

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Lead Generation

Imagine how great it would be to have more inbound enquiries from your “gold standard” customers. Whether you’re launching a new product, want to reach new prospects in different geographical areas, or simply want more business in your local area, the conversation starter service is the solution for you.

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Digital Advertising

As a content marketing agency, Freedom-CS does not directly deliver paid digital advertising services. However, as paid ads are most effective when part of a wider marketing strategy and ecosystem, we work closely with our preferred pay per click (PPC) or Facebook advertising specialists to ensure the adverts effectively support your marketing goals. 

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Website Design & Development

Do you dread someone asking for your website link? Does your website generate enquiries and income? By putting user experience at the heart of your website design combined with engaging audience-led content, you’ll soon enjoy greater online visibility with new leads flying in.

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Search Engine Optimisation

You’ve had a beautiful website built and are waiting patiently for your ideal customers to find you. Then tumbleweed… crickets… a deafening silence that leaves you wondering if anyone other than you can see your website. The hard fact of the matter is - a website is never finished. In order for search engines to love your website and give it the visibility it deserves it must evolve.

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Social Media Management

Navigating the digital landscape effectively is integral to modern business success. You need to know what, where, when and why to post content on platforms like LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, YouTube and TikTok.

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Email Marketing

Far from being an outdated marketing channel, email marketing is a powerful tool that slots seamlessly into your business’ marketing ecosystem, amplifying your reach and resonance.

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Blog Posts & Articles

Implementing a copywriting strategy to generate regular blog posts and articles for your website is an awesome way to boost the online visibility of your business. Search engines like Google and Bing love websites that create regular fresh content that is relevant to their users. This means that when these search engines can see your website regularly sharing useful content that answers the questions browsers are asking, they are more likely to show your website in the search results.

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Guides & Case Studies

Guides and case studies are a powerful marketing tool that showcases your business capability to potential customers whilst educating them about the value you can offer them.

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White Papers

White Papers involve a lot of research and can be lengthy to produce, however, they can be necessary and are a useful business tool. Let us give you some valuable time back. As part of this service, Freedom-CS will research and present the information in a way that’s clear and engaging to your desired audience.

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Excellent, down-to-earth, and helpful support for our regular marketing campaigns. Liz is great at working with niche topics and distilling them into easy-to-read and engaging articles. Highly recommended.

Barry Fisher


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How to write blogs that address customer pain points?

Author: Liz Clarke

The big benefits of blogging for businesses are probably not news to you – and if you’ve spoken to us before, you’ll know it’s one of our favourite things to help you with.

But, before you let the pen hit the paper or fire up your fingers to start typing, have you thought about why you’re writing? And for whom? And, importantly, why they’ll want to read it?

When you’ve chosen the audience, messaging strategy becomes essential. And speaking to the pain points of your audience is a battle-tested marketing essential  that, with blogging, can generate a funnel of qualified leads who are itching for your help.

Blogging that addresses pain points will help to aggravate the reader, build an emotional bridge and present them with an option to live life more comfortably (with your help).

Here’s how to do it.

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How to write blogs that address customer pain points?