How Can Blog Writing Benefit My Small Business?

When we think of blogs, it’s generally not something you’d associate with a business. Maybe it’s someone talking about the newest films or the best place to get coffee in London.

Writing a blog for your business is actually an extremely viable marketing weapon – and it can be transformative when done properly.

Does that mean you need to start brushing up on your research of arabica beans and French films? Not quite. Instead, we’re going to explain the benefits of blogging for small businesses and what you stand to win.

Here’s the lowdown

Author: Liz Clarke

Increase in web traffic (Search Engine Optimisation)

The power of SEO is no secret. Whilst it might feel like a pseudo-dark art, there are ways you can hedge your bets and hit best practices to ensure you’re getting the traffic your amazing product or service deserves. One of those methods is by investing in a blogging strategy for businesses.

By targeting keywords within your industry, you can create blogs that are content-rich and aimed at generating more traffic via search engines to your website.

Content can answer questions that are being asked (found via resources such as AlsoAsked or SEMRush), be built around your specific niche or simply look to target the largest audiences your keywords can help you rank for.

Your increase in traffic can be monitored via analytics tools and tracked over time.

Become a thought leader for your industry

Positioning is important for brands. You are what you present to the world – and blogging can help share your knowledge, build your audience and generate authority within your industry in the digital space.

Every business has to start somewhere, and it might feel like your blogs aren’t getting the traffic they deserve when you start writing. But with no-nonsense strategy and SEO know-how, you can generate traffic, building an audience that recognises your brand and keeps coming back for more.

As you generate more traffic, you’ll generate more enquiries. More enquiries equals more business and the cycle continues.

Nurture your existing customers

Blogging isn’t just for new or small business. In fact – more established businesses often miss out valuable web traffic because they (wrongly) assume they don’t need to bother.

If you’re an established brand, a blog can not only generate new enquiries but be a valuable nurture tool to keep your buyers engaged for the longer term.

Those who have bought before have committed to your brand. They entrusted you to provide a product/service, and you’ve delivered. However, a single purchase customer is just that – until you convince them to come back again.

Creating a blog that showcases your brand, your personality and your wider product range helps you engage the lowest-hanging fruit and convince your previous buyers that they need more of what you’re selling.

Telling stories via your blog and engaging your pre-existing audience should be seen as a nurturing campaign, that reminds them you’re there until the moment they’re ready to invest in you once more. 

Target specific clients or industries

If you’re an accountant who deals specifically with a niche, writing a generalised blog isn’t going to win you the work you dream of.

Optimising your blog for your target industry (and those crucial keywords we mentioned!) means you can control the traffic that comes to your blog.

Within your strategy, you can create content that appeals to different stages of the buying process within your chosen niche. This could include ‘a beginners’ guide, ‘the most asked questions’ or a ‘simple breakdown’. 

When you’re talking to the warmest leads, create blogs that address the ‘top 5 benefits of an accountant for a bricklayer’ or ‘why bricklayers like you need an accountant right now’.

Multiple niches? No problem! Create multiple long-form blogs that target different audiences and present yourself as the answer to their prayers. The more specific, the better. 

Build a blog, see the results

Instead of distracting you from focusing on your business, our outsourced content services can let you do what you do best – while we do the same.

We provide ongoing content creation in the form of content strategy and blog writing for across many industries. Our particular talent is in creating content that sounds like you/your brand!

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