Clubhouse: why I’m hopeful it will prove its business value

Is it truly a revolution in social media, or another flash in the pan? Liz Clarke casts her critical eye over the value and worth of Clubhouse.

Author: Liz Clarke

Clubhouse is the new social media platform currently taking the world by storm…. One invite at a time! Yep – it’s (currently) an invite-only platform.

The question is – was that a cynical marketing ploy to create FOMO and therefore a clamour for demand? Actually, my research suggests the complete opposite. The team behind Clubhouse is actually very small, the platform is new and the infrastructure needs to be tested to ensure it can cope with growth.

The focus is on delivering a quality experience for users.

As a slightly cynical person who initially thought “Oh good grief, do we really need another social media platform?” I would like to state loud and proud… I blooming love it so far!

Liz Clarke looks for the value in any social media platform – including Clubhouse


First up, let me be completely clear about my use of Clubhouse to date. I have listened and I have done some high-level research of the rooms within the app to get a feel for where and when Clubhouse can add value to my business.

I have yet to speak! In fact, at the time of writing, I was on the verge of speaking but a poorly child scuppered my plan and I had to decline the invite. I’m telling you this because I think it’s important to understand this article is very much based on my first impressions.

What is Clubhouse?

Are you thinking ‘Hang on Liz, what the heck is Clubhouse?” The easiest way to describe it is as a hybrid of podcasting and radio. It’s live conversation in ‘rooms’ where you can choose to listen or join the conversation.

So far I have dipped in and out of a few rooms. The rooms I love are generally UK led between 7 am and 10 am. They fit nicely into my ears at the time I’m doing other stuff – walking the dog, going for a run, sorting the kids yada, yada, yada.

When I have tried to dip in later in the day, I’ve struggled to find rooms that have held my attention. I think the reason is that they have been huge rooms with hundreds of people in them and have, largely, been very US biased (which in itself is not a problem but it’s not what I want to get from the platform).

What’s the conversation about?

Anything! I love the natural evolution of the conversations I’ve listened to so far.

By deliberately joining small, UK led rooms, I am listening to people who have huge value and powerful insights to offer on topics that matter to me. What’s more, it is incredibly engaging because it’s audio. I don’t have to watch or read something and I get to hear from the real person.

Real and raw are words that spring to mind. When the conversation is so diverse and unscripted you get a better sense of the person speaking and not what their marketing projects (which in itself is a key reason you must make your marketing authentic to YOU).

So how can Clubhouse add to your marketing activity?
I am a huge advocate of creating a whole marketing ecosystem and not relying solely on ONE platform for your marketing activity. And these days your consumers are savvy. They can see through glossy inauthentic marketing.

In fact, for my clients, their marketing priority is often to be consistent and show the human side of their business in order to grow their business. Because whether they are selling B2B or B2C, they are always selling H2H – Human to Human!

My clients use content-driven marketing to position themselves as a voice of authority in their field and to be the ‘go-to’ person. Or ‘fly-wheel’ marketing if you like.

With that in mind – it’s actually really easy to see how Clubhouse can add immense value to your marketing strategy. You get to have real conversations with real people who need you!

Things to note:

If you haven’t had an invite but think you will want to take a look around, download the app (sorry to say it’s not available to Android users yet) and reserve your ‘handle’. A word to the wise, it’s a people-first platform so maybe think about that when you choose your handle.

If you’re in, give me a follow. I’m @liz-clarke, and before you ask, sorry no I don’t have any invites left!

You will need to create a bio – don’t rush into it. Take a look around and get some ideas, then carefully craft one as it’s the only thing people have to go on when deciding whether to follow you or not – there’s no back catalogue of content for them to check out.

You can connect directly to Twitter or Instagram but that is it! So think about using LinkTree so that when people go to either of those profiles they can easily connect elsewhere like LinkedIn or to your website.

Be disciplined about whom you follow and how you spend your time on the platform. It is easy to see how it would be addictive so don’t let it become a distraction to your business!

Will I see you there?

To conclude, based on my first impressions of using the platform for just about a week, I will definitely be encouraging people to get involved. You can quickly build and expand your network by having great conversations and then taking it outside the Clubhouse (not in a ‘roll your sleeves up and have a scrap’ kind of way).

If you fancy a gently introduction to Clubhouse that will also ease you into the weekend and draw a line under the working week, look for Feel Good Friday which I co-host with Helen Rees every Friday from 4-5pm.

Bring a cuppa or your Friday afternoon beverage of choice and join the conversation as we celebrate the wins, lay challenges to rest and reset our minds ready for the weekend.

So the question is – will I see you there?

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