How Email Marketing Will Boost Small Business Sales

Email – it’s something most of us think about every single day. From the first notification in the morning to the last ‘ping’ at night, it’s safe to say most of us have a love hate relationship with our inbox.

Author: Liz Clarke

But the power of email marketing for small businesses continues to grow – and that’s the kind of notification that you just can’t afford to ignore. Email marketing isn’t new – but it’s certainly not going away. And it’s becoming a more important element in marketing strategies for businesses big and small.

Let’s break down the power of email marketing and explain how it’s going to help you boost sales and keep customers buying for longer.

First, let’s talk about the elephant in the room…

You get loads of marketing emails. They’re a pain in the neck. They flood your inbox. They’re not targeted at you – rather just thrown in your general direction.

We know. They’re a pain.

The reason they’re a pain? Because they almost always contain absolutely no value to you. Sure, there’s a 10% off voucher when you spend £250. But you were never going to spend that £250 – so you’re probably not interested.

Although this is a problem it also offers up a great opportunity for businesses who actually have value to share – and are people, rather than organisations.

What you stand to gain from email marketing

The value of email marketing for small businesses is huge. Put simply – it gives you unfettered access to your audience and allows you to nurture leads and convert prospects.

Why email marketing works

It’s extremely versatile, cost-effective and generates fantastic results. But let’s break that down.

Email marketing is always delivered in the same way – a ping into an inbox. But it gets delivered to close to 100% of your audience. Not many other marketing channels can boast a statistic anywhere near that. Your customers are free to read it whenever they’d like, snooze it to be reminded or just ignore it. And if they do, that’s their loss.

As marketing goes, email can be extraordinarily cost-effective compared to other strategies. Not only are the platforms (such as Mailchimp and Active Campaign) affordable, but the ROI will often greatly outweigh your investment.

But not all results are measured just by clicks on your email footer. Email marketing gives small businesses an opportunity to reach out and directly communicate with their audience, whether it’s a select small group or a big database. It can offer a platform for education, information and conversion – all in one package. And in a world where sales are built on trust more than ever before, that relationship you’re nurturing and trust you’re building by sending emails is integral for the rest of your marketing.

How to achieve better results from email marketing

Make it personal. This is an opportunity to talk specifically to a certain segment of your audience about a certain pain point and how you can solve it. Most email clients will allow for audience segmentation, meaning you can send tailored emails to smaller audiences to increase open and reply rates.

Make it value-driven. Instead of selling, tell a story. Offer something for free and give the advice your audience needs right now. By creating content that solves problems, you’re building trust and helping them without asking them to pay. If they need more help, they’ll know you are reliable, knowledgable and ready to help – and the selling will already be done.

Make it you. If you’ve built a brand, now is your time to flaunt it. Make sure these emails aren’t generic and boring – add some flair, showcase your people and your brand identity that you’ve worked hard to build. When an email is opened, customers should be reading it with a good idea of who your business and your people are – it shouldn’t feel like an email, but instead a direct message to them.

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