The secret to successful content marketing

The optimal frequency of blog posts is a common question we hear from business owners. After all, time is limited and you need to optimise the time you spend on your marketing in the best possible way.

In this article we dig into the subject.

Read on for implementable advice you can use in your business marketing.

Author: Liz Clarke

The secret to successful content marketing

The truth is, there’s no big secret – the most effective marketing relies on to two critical factors.

Quality and consistency.

Achieving quality output needs research plus a healthy scoop of trial and error. The time invested in this becomes the biggest barrier to many business owners being consistent in their marketing.

And a lack of consistency is the main barrier that stops businesses from achieving more with their marketing.

So – how often should businesses blog?

Here we come with the most “marketingy” answer of all time – it depends on what you want to achieve.

But to help you nail quality within your blogs, and keep them coming for longer, we’ve got some ideas that you might find useful..

Hold your horses, put down the pen…

When you first choose blogging for your business as part of your content strategy, you’ll probably find the ideas flow freely. However, that often changes and you can find yourself slowing down as your ideas start to dry up. That’s when the consistency element becomes harder to sustain.

Before you rush in, all pens blazing to get that first idea drafted, written and posted within 2 hours of thinking it up; stop.

What is the content strategy for your business?

We know. Sometimes it’s more fun to act on a whim – but, with blogging for your business, you must plan before you execute. Fail to plan, plan to fail and all that!

What are you talking about, to whom and why?

Building a content strategy is not only about discovering what topics you deem to be most important and how often to write – but also what your audience wants to hear, what will generate traffic and how best to create content that is optimised to convert readers into leads.

What are you blogging about?

Think about your audience. Instead of writing about what you think people want to hear, research using tools like AlsoAsked to discover the questions your audience wants the answers to. Other sites like Reddit can be great for inspo.

You could also look at what industry leaders in your specialism are posting abou, or generate content pools around different elements of your product/service.

Who are you speaking to?

Who is your target audience? Whether they’re your current customers or potential new ones, your content should speak directly to them and be as specific as possible.

There should be a good variety of content that talks to multiple groups of your audience, both collectively or individually.

Why, why, why?

Why are you posting? And, more importantly, why are they reading? If someone is on their coffee break and scrolls to your blog, it needs to be compelling to keep their interest.

Blogs are a unique opportunity to grab the attention of your reader, show them you can solve their problem and showcase why you’re the best (only) choice for them.

How often to blog as a business

Put simply, this depends on the demands of your campaign and what you’re hoping to achieve.

For many businesses, the aim is to deliver thought leadership pieces that position the company or key people within, as an authority within their industry. These clients may want to post blogs once or twice a month and repurpose them for social media content too.

For SEO-led campaigns, bigger is often better. Whilst Google prioritise EEAT (experience, expertise, authority and trust), the more high-level content you can post content that is keyword-driven the better. This might mean posting 2-3 pieces of content a week.

As part of a wider content marketing strategy, blog content can be reused across social media channels and even reproduced in physical marketing assets.

Why engage a content marketing agency?

As a business owner or marketing leader, you’ll likely find that holding yourself to account and continuing to post regularly when you get busy… doesn’t always happen.

Getting the best results from a content marketing campaign requires a consolidated effort, and won’t deliver results overnight.

Partnering with a content marketing agency that has experience in delivering content campaigns make your blogging headaches disappear.We engage with clients who want to create a great piece of content once a month, once a week and sometimes even more frequently.

By ensuring the strategy is sorted, and the content is delivered piping hot, on time and at the best quality – we’re maximising their chances of winning new work online.

Your trusted scribe

Don’t just jump in head first. Blogging for your business right requires time, thought and expert delivery. Our outsourced content services can let you do what you do best – while we do the same.

We provide ongoing content creation in the form of content strategy and blog writing across many industries. Our particular talent is in creating content that sounds like you/your brand!

Think we might be able to work together? We’d love to hear about how we can help. Give us a call or get in touch. 

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