How to write blogs that address customer pain points?

The big benefits of blogging for businesses are probably not news to you – and if you’ve spoken to us before, you’ll know it’s one of our favourite things to help you with.

But, before you let the pen hit the paper or fire up your fingers to start typing, have you thought about why you’re writing? And for whom? And, importantly, why they’ll want to read it?

When you’ve chosen the audience, messaging strategy becomes essential. And speaking to the pain points of your audience is a battle-tested marketing essential  that, with blogging, can generate a funnel of qualified leads who are itching for your help.

Blogging that addresses pain points will help to aggravate the reader, build an emotional bridge and present them with an option to live life more comfortably (with your help).

Here’s how to do it.

Author: Liz Clarke

Don’t fall into the trap…

Most business blogs that don’t work struggle with the same three problems.

People. Instead of setting out to help the audience that needs them, they set out to inform anyone and everyone about everything. Whilst this is absolutely fine, it’s not going to help you generate more leads.

Problem. They aren’t touching on the important pain points that might make a reader consider buying. If you aren’t resonating with your readers, they’re not going to come back for more.

Persuasion. There isn’t a strong enough argument that will convince readers to subscribe, invest or simply read another blog.

Sound familiar? Try this instead.

Identify the audience

Through market research, or assessing your current CRM or client database, you should be able to identify a set of personas that reflect your audience. However, when writing blogs, this needs to be combined with another key metric: traffic.

Cross-reference your personas for ideal clients with the search traffic for industry terms you want to target, and you’re on to a winner.

Here’s an example. You’re writing a blog that offers ‘marketing support’ (service/keyword) for ‘small businesses’ (audience).

Discover their pain points

One of the most useful ways to utilise your blog (and win more business) is to think about what your customer wants to read. If you’ve done any sort of market research, you’ll likely know their pain points i.e. the annoying problems that are keeping them awake at night.

By addressing these directly, you’re able to help the reader know you understand them. Not by telling them what you do, but instead by telling them what you fix.

If you’re struggling to find these pain points, talk to your customers and ask them why they chose you and what specific problems you’re solving for them. You can also use websites like AlsoAsked, which scours the web and delivers you the most searched questions around your chosen keywords.

Let’s go back to our example. You’re writing a blog that offers ‘marketing support’ (service/keyword) for ‘small businesses’ (audience) that are ‘needing to grow quickly’ (pain point). An example headline could be ‘5 ways marketing support can speed up growth for small businesses’.

Use the pain points

You know who you’re talking to, what they need and the problems they’re facing. Within the blog, don’t be afraid to use those pain points to aggravate your reader and elicit a response. The best sales writing brings about emotion – and your blog needs to do just that.

Are they sick of marketing that doesn’t deliver? Maybe they’ve lost ££££’s with expensive retainers that haven’t got results. They just want someone who answers the phone when they call – is that too much to ask?

Show them you understand their problem – and provide a solution.Explain what they stand to gain by working with you and give them an offer too good to refuse to get them on the phone.

Your blog is no longer just a regular update. It’s not something that can be easily forgotten about. It’s a story that has been found by your target audience, who feel heard and directly spoken to. They’ve got a problem – and you’ve just told them what you’re going to do to ease the pain and get them the service they deserve.

Need a hand?

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