Why is Email Marketing Essential for SME’s in 2023?

Following on from our recent blog that explained the power of email marketing, we wanted to give you even more information. We know – too kind! Why? Because email marketing is essential for SMEs. It’s a cost-efficient, measurable marketing channel that is more popular than ever.

Author: Liz Clarke

You’ve probably seen more and more emails in your inbox shouting about sales, stories and something juuuuust tempting enough to make you open the email up. This is because organisations of all sizes across the world are investing marketing budgets in email – and it’s delivering big results.

Let’s break down the what, the how and the why of email marketing for SMEs.

Email? Get with the times…

We know what you’re thinking. Email is one of the oldest facets of the World Wide Web. But it’s also one of the most used.

From the first swipe up in the morning to the endless scrolling after dinner and before bed, phones are most commonly found in people’s hands. Emails can make pockets buzz and draw the attention of eyes with ease.

Unlike many other marketing channels, emails reach nearly every member of your audience. Social media can choke reach, but your email? That’s going to arrive on the devices of your audience, no matter when it’s sent.

So your message will be seen. But what is the message?

It’s much more than just newsletters

Gone are the days of simply announcing the latest news. Now, email marketing can be about anything you’d like it to be. But the main aim of your campaigns should be to nurture, educate and entertain your audience.

How would you do that? By showing personality, sharing the latest news your audience needs to hear and telling the stories from your business (and people!) that build trust and generate positive emotional responses towards your business.

Most commonly, email marketing packages for SMEs will take the shape of a nurture campaign. This could be once a month, or once a week, with the express aim of increasing opening rates, conversion rates and generating more revenue from your email campaigns.

What are the benefits of email marketing for SMEs?

As we’ve said, yes, you’ll get more opens on your emails and earn more money as a result. But what does that achieve? And how else does it benefit your business?

You’re getting attention. We’ve learned how to avoid traditional marketing messages – but conversely, people are more attached to their emails and text messages than ever before.

By regularly sending emails, you’re building your brand and routinely tapping your audience on the shoulder, just to remind them you’re still there and ready to help them when they need you.

You’re able to track your campaign with relative ease. Using your email client (Mailchimp, Active Campaign), you’re able to see what’s working and what isn’t. When you can find a formula that works keep it coming!

It’s a cost-efficient way of marketing for small businesses. Unlike traditional physical campaigns, associated costs are much lower. There’s no need to invest in photoshoots, location fees, printers or mailing. You just need someone to take care of the email copywriting (that’s us!)

Email marketing campaigns offer information about your customers that you can then utilise in other marketing too. Either use the information to build up a better idea of your audience, or create hyper-personalised campaigns that are aimed at small sections of your audience. These emails are more likely to convert and deliver you more ROI.

Keep your customers listening (and buying)

We create email marketing campaigns for small businesses across the South and beyond. There’s no fluff or unexpected costs – we’re results-driven and focused on achieving the best for your business, with every campaign we undertake.

Chat with us now to find out how email marketing will help you achieve the next level of growth you’re craving.

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