Why social media marketing is crucial for SME’s

Your kids love it. Your friends are ranting and raving about it every time you see them. And, your competitiors are already using it to win work. Social media is continuing its meteoric rise in usage across the world – and businesses need to take note.

Author: Liz Clarke

For the SME market specifically, social media holds a lot of power and is full of opportunity. But it’s hard to get right. Many of you might have wanted to use it, but struggle with the ideas, or the strategy, and have ended up letting it drift to the bottom of your to-do list.

Here’s why it needs to come flying back up towards the top.

More people than ever are scrolling

Day and night, your target market is scrolling through their social media feeds yearning for something interesting. 4.8 billion users – sounds like a lot, right? Obviously, these aren’t all people who are going to see your posts, but with nearly 60% of the world’s population active on social media, it’s the marketplace you can no longer avoid entering.

Social media platforms build credibility for businesses, and let customers see personality, emotion and information whenever they desire. Unlike your office door being propped open between 9-5 every day, this shopfront is lit up 24/7 and always open for business.

Build your brand, own your brand

Social media marketing gives businesses the opportunity to build more brand awareness and control the conversation. Whether you’re starting a conversation or simply joining an existing one, you can showcase your brand in a positive light

Ask yourself these important questions before you start posting:

  • Who are you talking to
  • How you’re going to communicate with them
  • What you’re saying
  • Why you’re saying it.

Your aim should be to provide value to your target market or within your industry, in a way that presents your business as authoritative in order to build trust and generate interest in your brand.

Nurture and engage your audience

Social media marketing offers a long-term nurture and engagement opportunity for customers, potential buyers and those who have only just heard of you.

For new buyers who see your social media posts, they might not be ready to buy straight away. By regularly posting a mix of content that reinforces positive brand identity, you’ll be able to keep that audience warm until the moment they’re ready to buy. Think of your posts as a reassuring nudge on the shoulder, a reminder that you’re there and ready to help them when the time is right.

For existing buyers, they’ve already felt confident enough in your brand to make their first purchase. But how do you know they’ll come back? If an audience is correctly nurtured, there’s no reason they won’t use your services again when they need them.

Creating a posting plan that is easy to stick to, execute and track is key to success – and your content should be driven towards reinforcing the positive image you’ve created for your brand.

Stay ahead of the game

Your competitors could already be utilising social media marketing to generate more business. Every day you aren’t showing up, you’re another day behind. Fortunately, there are still many businesses that haven’t begun to invest in their social media – and it’s not too late to do so.

Whilst some competitors may be posting on social media, that doesn’t mean they’re doing it properly. Like we said earlier, you should have a plan in place before you get started. First, you should pinpoint the audience you want to target. Then, discover where your audience are i.e. LinkedIn, Facebook, TikTok, X (the platform formerly known as Twitter), Threads… the list goes on so you have to spend your time wisely.

Now, create a content plan that matches your brand and tone of voice – and you’re ready to go.

A social media marketing agency will help you create realistic targets, short and long-term, as well as write a strategy to maximise your chances of ROI.

Knowing the pitfalls

We’d be lying if we said it’s always rosey on socials. There are pitfalls you have to know about and can avoid falling into. Fortunately this is something else we can help you with.

Make managing your social media stress-free

We’ve helped oversee organic and paid growth of social media channels for our clients that deliver happier customers, engaged audiences and more sales.

If you’re not sure where to start with social media marketing, or just want to chat to an expert, we’re happy to help. Contact us to find out how we can help.

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