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In today’s digital landscape, compelling website content is crucial for engaging your audience and driving conversions. Yet, many businesses struggle with consistently producing high-quality content that resonates with their audience. The Freedom team understands these challenges. Bespoke content writing packages are designed to relieve you of this burden, ensuring your message is impactful, and inspires potential customers to get in touch with you.

Overcome Your Content Marketing Challenges

Creating consistent, high-quality content can be a daunting task for any business. You might face several common challenges, including:

Time Constraints:

Managing your core business activities leaves little time for writing website and other marketing content.

Lack of Expertise:

Crafting engaging and SEO-optimised content requires specialised skills.

Inconsistent Output:

Maintaining a regular publishing schedule can be difficult whilst also “doing your day job” if you don’t have a dedicated team.

SEO Challenges:

Understanding and implementing effective SEO strategies to improve your search engine rankings can be confusing if you’re not used to doing it.

Audience Engagement:

Creating content that resonates with your target audience and drives engagement is challenging. In our experience business owners and their teams are far too close to the detail to do a great job of their marketing messages.

Now for the good news. At Freedom we offer you a stress-free solution. Our expert team is dedicated to understanding your business and delivering high-quality, keyword-rich content that addresses these challenges, allowing you to focus on what you do best.

Why Choose Our Content Writing Services?

Tailored to Your Brand

By taking the time to understand your brand’s voice and values, every piece of content reflects your brand identity. Whether you aim for a professional tone or a more casual approach, our style changes to suit your brand.

Engaging and Effective

Our experienced writers create content that resonates with your audience, encouraging them to take action. We focus on storytelling and crafting messages that resonate with your target audience, driving engagement and increasing sales conversions.

SEO Optimised

We integrate SEO best practices to improve your search engine rankings and drive organic traffic to your site. Our content is carefully developed to be both user-friendly and search engine-friendly, ensuring it reaches the right audience.

Versatile Content Types

From blog posts and articles to web copy and social media content, we cover all your content writing needs. Whether you’re looking to educate, inform, or entertain, our versatile team delivers content that meets your objectives.

How Our Content Writing Service Works

Our goal is to get your marketing content flowing with minimum burden for you. Our simple 4-step process takes you from blank page to growing online visibility quickly and easily.

1: Keyword research

We don’t just guess what you need to be writing about. We base our content creation on data, not assumptions. By conducting thorough keyword research, we determine the keywords you are currently ranking for and identify new opportunities for future rankings.

This detailed analysis allows us to craft a comprehensive content strategy tailored to your business.

2: Creating your bespoke content strategy

First, we audit your existing content to understand its effectiveness. Then, we develop a comprehensive content strategy designed to guide potential customers through every stage of your sales funnel—from discovery to purchase.

After completing our analysis and taking inspiration from Marcus Sheridan’s “They Ask You Answer” methodology, we report our findings back to you with recommendations for the new content that we will write for you to enhance your online visibility.

Of course, it’s critical that the content sounds “on brand,” so if you don’t already have brand guidelines and a tone of voice document, we can help with that too.

3: Writing your new content

Now we know what content you need, your goals and your tone of voice, it’s time to start writing. Following the content strategy, we will write blog posts that resonate with your audience and perform well in search engine rankings.

These posts are designed to support your customers throughout the entire sales journey. Each post is optimised with the keywords identified during our keyword research, ensuring maximum visibility and relevance.

4: Setting your newly written content free for the world to see

Once drafted, you’ll have the opportunity to share your feedback before the articles are published. If you give us access we will upload the content to your website and publish it on your behalf. Alternatively, you can do that bit yourself – as long as it gets done!

Depending on the package you have chosen, we will also provide social media content for you to use on your preferred channels.

Starter Package

£1,450 per month

Growth Package

£1,995 per month

Premium Package

£2,450 per month

Ideal for small businesses and startups looking to establish their online presence.Perfect for growing businesses aiming to enhance their content strategy.Best for established businesses seeking a robust content strategy.
1-hour kick off call to get started1-hour kick off call to get started1-hour kick off call to get started
Keyword researchKeyword researchKeyword research
Content strategy & SEO analysis

Brand tone of voice and style guide

Content strategy & SEO analysis

Brand tone of voice and style guide

Content strategy & SEO analysis

Brand tone of voice and style guide

Up to 2 blog posts per month (approx 800 words per article)Up to 3 blog posts per month (approx 800 words per article)Up to 4 blog posts per month (approx 800 words per article)
2 Stock images for use on the blog post3 Stock images for use on the blog post4 Stock images for use on the blog post
Post uploaded to your website and publishedPost uploaded to your website and publishedPost uploaded to your website and published
On page optimistation of each postOn page optimistation of each postOn page optimistation of each post
Monthly reporting and review callsMonthly reporting and review callsMonthly reporting and review calls
9 social media posts for you to use including Canva graphics optimised for 1 social media platform12 social media posts for you to use including Canva graphics optimised for 1 social media platform

Freedom’s Four Step Process

Working with the Freedom team couldn’t be easier. After the kick-off phase, a rolling programme of content delivery ensures there is always something fresh and interesting for your audience to enjoy.

Month 1

1. Consultation:

Get started with a detailed consultation to understand your business, target audience, and content goals. This ensures the content aligns perfectly with your vision and objectives.

2. Strategy Development:

We develop a customised content strategy that aligns with your objectives, including keyword research, content planning, and a publishing schedule that suits your needs. We also develop a tone of voice and style guide that you can use across your teams to ensure every piece of marketing material you produce in the future is consistent with your website content.

Month 2

3. Content Creation:

Skilled writers start writing high-quality content tailored to your brand and audience. Focus on creating engaging, informative, and compelling content that speaks directly to your target market.

Our team provides drafts for your review and makes any necessary revisions*. Your feedback ensures the final content meets your expectations.

4. Publishing and Promotion:

Once approved, we publish the content on your website ready to be promoted across relevant channels to maximise reach and impact.

*Up to two sets of revisions are included as standard in all our packages

Five Benefits of Outsourcing Content Writing

Outsourcing your content writing to Freedom comes with several important benefits:

1. Expertise

Access to a team of skilled writers. SEO specialists and trained journalists to ensure your content always hits the mark.

2. Consistency

When it comes to content marketing – consistency is critical. We regularly update content to keep your audience engaged without you (or your team) having to find the time to do it.

3. Time Savings

Unlock your Freedom to focus on your core business activities while we handle your content needs.

4. Improved SEO

Better search engine rankings and increased organic traffic results in better quality leads, making sales conversions easier.

5. Engagement

High-quality content that resonates with your audience and drives conversions.

Now for the good news. At Freedom we offer you a stress-free solution. Our expert team is dedicated to understanding your business and delivering high-quality, keyword-rich content that addresses these challenges, allowing you to focus on what you do best.


 “The Freedom team created fantastic content for our careers page, really helping us to convey what it’s like to work at our company. They were highly professional throughout the entire process and effectively communicated from start to finish. They also provided us with some great new ideas!”

Matthew Hill, Marketing Exec, DLM

“Freedom have been wonderful to work with. The team are professional, knowledgeable and all-round great people. They helped us with maternity cover for our full-time marketing exec, and seamlessly continued our marketing – no disruption to our brand at all. We are so happy. Thank you Freedom!”

Verity Lovelock, Architect

“The team is clear and concise about all that they do. They have a way of teasing the good stuff about your business out of you, without you even realising it. Engagement and sharing on LinkedIn has increased several hundred % since Freedom started looking after Knightsure’s marketing.”

Tony Knight, Director, Knightsure Insurance

Content writing FAQs

What happens when I decide to engage Freedom for content writing services?

When you request a proposal from Freedom, you’ll receive a document that details the service that you’ll be provided with and how much it will cost.

It also includes our T&C’s.

Simply tick the relevant boxes for the service you require. sign the form and send it back to us. We’ll be in touch to book your kick-off meeting.

What’s cheaper, Freedom Agency or a freelancer?

Freelance copywriting fees vary considerably – as does the quality of the writer!

When you choose Freedom Agency, we are confident our pricing is competitive but, importantly, gives you access to a wide range of skills and experience. Our team has worked in everything from the motor industry to construction from healthcare to travel and so much in between. We even have a trained journalist on the team.

This means that you benefit from an extensive skill set that might not always be affordable.

How will you write great content if you aren’t working in my industry?

It’s a common misconception that you must have worked in an industry to write useful content. On the contrary, we often find that our clients are just too close to the detail of their day-to-day business and as a result, their content ends up being full of jargon and highly technical information that bamboozles their reader.

By working with the Freedom team, we take your technical knowledge and expertise and distill that into compelling marketing messages that resonate with your audience making it easier for them to understand why you are the best person or organisation for them to buy from.

Do you have word count limits?

We don’t have strict word count limits. However, the average reader’s attention span for an article is between 4:00 and 6:00 minutes, and we write content that takes this into account.

If a topic is complex or needs additional detail, we may on occasion, combine 2 short articles to provide you with one longer form piece of content for your website

Is this a long-term commitment?

Content marketing is a long-term marketing strategy. This means that to get the best from content marketing, you must be prepared to stay the distance. However, unlike other agencies, we don’t tie you into lengthy contracts of 12, 18 or even 24 months!

We ask that you commit to working with us for at least six months, at which point we’ll review the service and results with you.

If you’re happy with the direction of travel you’ll move onto a three-month rolling contract basis.

Are your T&Cs easy to understand?

Our terms and conditions are designed to be easy to understand, but here are the key points you need to know. We charge monthly in advance for our services. This means that if you start working with us on the 1st of June, you would receive your initial invoice on the 23rd of May.

Our payment terms are seven days, and we take payment by Go Cardless, which is easy for you and us and means there’s no awkward chasing of overdue invoices.

Consistency of delivery is critical to the success of a content marketing strategy. With that in mind, it’s important that changes or revisions are requested quickly for us to maintain your publishing timescales.

With that in mind, we ask that you provide feedback on any required changes within three working days of receiving the draft copy. If we don’t hear back within this timescale, we will publish your content, and future changes or revisions may be chargeable as a separate piece of work.

Does VAT apply?

We are VAT registered and therefore VAT does apply to all of our invoices.

What if I don’t like the content plan you suggest?

Your content plan is based on our introductory meeting with you, our understanding of your industry, and the research we’ve carried out, to ensure that we’re creating keyword-rich content that will really help improve your website’s search engine optimisation.

We hope you will like the content plan; however, this is an iterative process, and we are certainly open to discussing our recommendations with you and making small changes where they will still fit with the strategy and help you achieve your goals.

What about revisions, changes and updates to blogs after they’re published?

Typically, you have three working days to respond to our draft with any critical changes or amendments that are needed to ensure commercial or technical accuracy outside of this unit. You may be charged for any significant changes.

There are occasions when we would recommend an annual update to a blog and these would be a new article, for example, articles talking about industry trends each year.

We already have a blog – how is this service different?

If you have a team who are already creating great content that’s hitting all the SEO markers for your business and they’re able to publish on a regular basis without fail, then go ahead and keep the process in house. It makes absolute sense to do that. However, if they’re more of an occasional blogger, or they sometimes find that the day-to-day workload takes priority over creating new website content, then this is the service to help you get consistency into your marketing ecosystem.

Do you use AI when writing content for customers?

No, we don’t routinely use AI to generate content for customers.  There’s nothing worse than reading a website and then speaking to somebody and feeling like the two experiences are totally disconnected.

How does the content get onto the website?

If you can give us access to your website, we will upload your articles on your behalf and make sure they’re published on a regular basis. We’ll also include stock images with our service that help us to create visually appealing pages for your audience. Alternatively, you can upload the content to your website yourself or ask your website developer to do so.

The only caveat is it’s important that this happens regularly to achieve the consistency that will make your content marketing strategy a huge success.

We don’t have a website yet – can we still use this service?

You don’t need a website to use our content writing service. If you have a LinkedIn profile, you may prefer to use our content to publish regular articles on LinkedIn. However, we do recommend having a website for your business and we can help you get there.

Our clients include:

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