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Guides and case studies are a powerful marketing tool that showcases your business capability to potential customers whilst educating them about the value you can offer them.

Boost Your Business’ Visibility with Guides and Case Studies

Why are guides and case studies essential for your website visibility?

Guides and case studies are powerful pieces of content offering a wealth of benefits to your business. They not only engage and educate your audience but also enhance your online visibility.

Guides and case studies are rich in valuable information, making them highly shareable and,  are often linked to by other websites (backlinks). Backlinks are a factor considered by search engines when ranking your website. Furthermore, these content types provide brilliant opportunities for long-tail keyword integration, helping you rank for specific, niche search terms that your audience is using.

Creating outstanding guides and case studies

So, with that in mind, what should a great guide or case study include?

Guides must be comprehensive, clear, and actionable. They should break down complex topics into easily digestible sections, using visual aids like images and infographics to support the text. Each guide should conclude with a clear call-to-action, guiding readers about what their next steps should be.

Case studies, on the other hand, need to tell a compelling story. They should highlight a problem your customer faced, the solutions you provided, and the results you achieved. Genuine, quantifiable results lend credibility to your case study and make it more impactful. Remember to include direct quotes from the customer to add a personal, relatable touch.

How long should a guide or case study be?

The length of guides and case studies largely depends on the complexity of the topic. However, it’s essential to ensure that they’re long enough to provide valuable, comprehensive information, yet concise enough to keep the reader engaged. After all, boring a potential customer to sleep isn’t a great business tactic!

Guides are typically more in-depth and can range from 2,000 to 5,000 words, depending on the topic. They need to be exhaustive, leaving the reader with no unanswered questions.

Case studies, conversely, are often shorter and more concise, usually around 800 to 1,500 words. They should provide enough detail to illustrate the success story effectively without overwhelming the reader with excess information.

Guide and case study writing services

We understand the intricacies of crafting engaging, insightful guides and compelling, credible case studies. When you engage Freedom-CS to create guides and case studies, you will be allocated one of our experienced team of writers with the background skills to match your requirements. They will work closely with you or your team to collect the information needed to write your guide or case study.

How much does guide and case study writing cost?

Ever heard the phrase, “How long is a piece of string”? That’s probably never been more relevant than in relation to this service.

When you’re investing in guides or case studies for your business it’s critical that they are well developed and showcase your capabilities brilliantly. To discuss your needs in detail and for a tailored quote, contact the team today.

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