Marketing Diagnostic Session

Do you know where your leads come from, what your conversion rate is and how to attract more of your ideal customers?

No? You’ll be glad to hear you’re not alone.

That’s why a full marketing review and diagnostic of your current position is the most crucial phase of getting started with your marketing.

Without this, we are posting and hoping. The marketing equivalent of throwing mud at the wall and hoping it sticks.

During a half-day marketing diagnostic workshop you’ll be guided through a comprehensive review of your current marketing strategies.

The WHAT – WHO – WHY – HOW of your business.

WHAT: Financial goals, current position and how we will know your marketing has been successful.

WHO: A deep dive into your ideal customer(s)

WHY: Why you? What sets you apart from the competition?

HOW: A reflection on past activities and a high-level discussion of your options

After the workshop, the results are combined with competitor research to give you a detailed report and actionable recommendations for improvement.

You’ll gain valuable insights, identify opportunities for growth, and understand how to improve the impact of your marketing activities. In short – you will learn the best way to invest in your marketing.

Our clients include:

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