Emma Crosby, Marketing Design Specialist

Emma Crosby

Marketing Design Specialist

Emma has over 20 years of marketing experience, ranging from prominent corporations like IBM to a small, family-run industrial flooring business in the UK. Her true passion lies in the creative side of marketing, with a focus on design that allows her to craft compelling visuals and materials, spanning from videos to printed materials.

Beyond her marketing expertise, Emma is also a trained hypnotherapist and helps people worldwide tackle issues such as anxiety, weight loss and alcohol. Her unique perspective, gained from understanding how people perceive the world through their senses, be it through visual, kinaesthetic, or auditory means, significantly informs her approach to design in marketing.

Emma joined the Freedom-CS team in December 2022, and has been dedicated to assisting local small businesses with their social media marketing and creating impactful brochure designs.

Our clients include:

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